Keeping You Equipped With All the Resources You Need,
So You Can Focus on Your Clients

We have a wide variety of worksheets pre-made and Gateway branded that will help  you to conduct any kind of client communication. Whether you are looking to update existing client information, onboard a new client or begin discussing retirement, we have many resources. If you still are not seeing what you need, reach out to the marketing team at or fill out the marketing request form!
Here at Gateway, we offer a variety of coaching resources because we believe our partnership is built on your success. These resources help you develop and reach goals set for your business. These resources work great when paired with a monthly or bi-weekly coaching call!
These resources help you grow and further build your business. Whether that is getting yourself and your clients through tough economic times or developing a strong digital presence, we have guides to help! 

These resources are useful in everyday work. They include how-to technology guides and directories for internal teams and workflows.

Customizable Appointment Checklist

This sheet can be given to clients to remind them of the materials they need to bring to their appointment. It is a fillable PDF, so you can add your contact information.

Monthly Budget Worksheet

Help your clients break down their monthly expenses to better understand their financial plan and develop savings for the future. It is very in-depth, with a category for everything. 

Retirement Income Fact Finder

This sheet can be used as a part of your retirement income planning. It gives the client the picture on how much they will have saved and how they will have income in retirement.

Client Profile

This client intake form is short and to the point. It can help you easily compile all the most important pieces of information you may need from your client. 

Client Onboarding Detail 

If you need a more in-depth intake form, this sheet has space for all the important details as well as account information. This can be extremely useful for new clients. 

Partnership Card

This sheet allows you to get to know your client more and can help when deciding on meaningful touchpoints. It includes contact info as well as client favorites and background.

Planning Questionnaire

This questionnaire allows you to cover just about all of the financial bases when working with your client. There are 12 pages of financial questions.

Planning Questionnaire With Risk Questions

Identical to the Planning Questionnaire but there are added questions to understand how much risk your client would like to incorporate into their portfolio. 

The Gateway 401(k) General Booklet

This informational booklet is perfect to hand out to your 401(k) businesses. It discusses how the Gateway 401(k) is different than others and how it all works. 

Client Contact Questionnaire

If you want to get the most up-to-date contact information from your clients, this form can help. It also asks them what topics they would want to learn more about. 

Meeting Checklist and Conversation Guide

This sheet offers a checklist of items to review when meeting with your clients, as well as talking points you may want to hit during your client meetings. 

Partner Coaching Workbook 

This booklet is full of resources and exercises that allow you to develop your goals and build your business. Pair this book with bi-weekly or monthly calls with the marketing team!

Marketing Initiatives Calendar

The Marketing Initiatives Calendar separates the year into quarters and allows you to create a marketing plan for the whole year. This helps you and the marketing team stay ahead. 

Target Audience Exercise 

In order to market to the correct prospective clients, you need to know who your target audience is. This worksheet allows you to develop your audiences easily. 

Maintaining/Growing Your Business in Difficult Times

Created at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, this booklet details steps you can take to maintain your current client base and even increase it. 

Beginners Guide to LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a powerful and underused marketing tool when it is used right. Learn how to set up an optimized profile that could result in lead generation. 

Gateway Marketing Services Menu

This "menu" lists all the things the marketing team has to offer to the advisor. This can help you better develop what marketing activities you would like to do throughout the year.

How to Setup a Teams Meeting

Setting up meetings via Microsoft Teams is a great way to stay in front of your clients in this new digital world. Teams offers a great video call platform that all Gateway advisors can use.

Best Emails for Each Department

We have workflows in place to help process your requests as quickly as possible. This sheet lists all emails and what each one can be used for. 

Gateway Phone Directory

This is a complete listing of everyone's phone number or extension within the organization. This includes all advisors, support staff, marketing and operations team members.

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